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Ripp-Off Reports - Maziar Moini - Home Leader Realty: Ripp-Off Agent - Maziar Moini - Home Leader Realty

Ripp-Off Reports - Maziar Moini - Home Leader Realty: Ripp-Off Agent - Maziar Moini - Home Leader Realty

Ripp-Off Agent - Maziar Moini - Home Leader Realty


Toronto Real Estate Agent Maziar Moini Rips off Buyers, Sellers and other Agents!!!

Like so many others, I like to buy houses to flip and Greater Toronto Area is where I work. I advertised my first sale with an agent named Maziar Moini and quickly realized that their advertizing was practically invisible. After ten months I advertised my property on while continuing with my contract with the agent, and had a buyer within 30 days. When the deal was done, Maziar Moini wanted their cut. They agreed to accept a lower percentage, if I would pay cash, no receipt. I will never forget paying $7,000 in cash to someone who did almost nothing. I learned, later, the reason why the agent had never shown the property; The agent believed the property was over priced and encouraged interested buyers to look at lower priced properties. When I approached Maziar Moini with my findings, he said I signed the realestate contract and should consider myself lucky for getting a deal, reminding me that if I had decided to not pay, he would sue me for breach of contract
Ontario Canada

One of the biggest mistakes i have ever made was to believe in a real estate rip-off scheme such as Maziar Moini’s. i guess i should have done my research first, but i did not and now i am out of thousands of dollars which i paid to this company. everyone seemed very concerned until they got the money and then it was just a matter of time before the coaches stopped calling for scheduled sessions or anyone else for that matter. however i am seeking legal help currently to attempt to recover at least some of my losses.

Ontario Canada

This past week we had a showing, which he did not know the name or phone number of this listing agent. He indicated to me that he was waiting for a phone call back from the agent who wanted to show our home, due to the fact that we were unable to accommodate the time that the agent would arrive at our home. This never happened and the agent showed up at our door at 1:00. My husband was home and instead of turning the agent away, he showed the agent and her client the home explaining all of the items within the house. After speaking with Maziar on the phone the same day he indicated to me that he would contact my husband and stated that he did try to call but no one answered the phone. I indicated to him that he was probably showing our house, since he wasn't there, which was promised to us that we would never have to show our own home, and that he would call back in 20 minutes. This also never happened. The agent contacted our house today and my husband asked him why he never followed up with him yesterday after the showing. He stated that he tried to call, and remarkably my husband stayed extremely calm, and simply stated to him that that was untrue and that he was home all day yesterday and the phone never rang, nor did we have any kind of message on our answering machine. His response to him was that he didn't hear the phone, even though there are six phones in our home. Apparently he did not like being put on the spot or caught in a lie, so before he could get another sentence out my husband stated that he thought her actions from the previous day were unprofessional. he said in the exact words 'It could all end right now'. So my husband asked for either the owner or Maziar Moini, neither of which were in the office. As usual. My husband then called Maziar’s cell phone and was told that he was in a meeting, to find out what was to be done about what happened with his team agent. He was told that Maziar  was in a meeting and to give him a half hour and she would get back to him. Almost 1/2 hour to the minute Maziar, called my husband from a cell phone and said that there will be a release of the real estate contract prepared because he will not tolerate my husband abusing his sales associates. And when questioned what was he talking about he would not be yelled at or he would hang up on him. My husband never raised his voice.

After almost six months of nothing but disappointment and false information, my husband and I are now willing to withdraw from the real estate listing agreement made with Maziar Moini. It seems that all they wanted to do was tie up our listing with the hopes of making some money. I don't believe it was ever their intention to sell my house due to the fact that no matter how much we asked for input and information as to why it wasn't being sold all we got was the run around.If you ever sell your home, don't use Maziar Moini or Home Leader Realty. They are rude, lie to their customers, and everyone with the exception of the receptionist have a bad attitude. Thank god they didn't sell our house, lord only knows how many other surprises there would have been.
Ontario Canada
I want everyone to be aware of how I was treated by this agent: Maziar Moini. I was trying to save money in selling my home which was my grandfathers who had passed away and there was debit to clear up. I called help u sell. the 'realtor' , Maziar Moini,i wouldn't call him that came out I explained my situation and showed him the information from my attorney. He didn't really understand it but said that was fine. What did I get for my $6450 nothing. First he quoted me $6150.00 to list my house then when it came time to sign the contract it was $6450 an easy $300 more him. When I questioned this I was told it was because I am asking more for my home then we had originally talked about. YEA a whole $8000.00 more big difference NO! I did alot of work to this house it was older not new. I held my own open houses that was fine. I have never met anyone more unprofessional then this guy. between the foul language or his demands i don't know which was worse. the closing was the worst I had to get all the information my self including my own payoff 30 minutes before the close! Bottom line he wanted his commision no matter what the cost to me. 

DO NOT USE MAZIAR MOINI HE IS NOT WORTH IT!! WHAT A RIP OFF!! SCAM!! I would love to have my money back they did not earn any of it.

North York,Ontario


I too want everyone to be aware of Maziar Moini.

He is a low life that has nothing to offer. Years ago he created a page similar to this to hurt my business. He copied my website because Maziar Moini thought that this is the way get on the first page of Google. When I found out I asked him to remove my information from his website.

Maziar Moini ignored me for 3 days. Of course, he did not take down my information as he felt "strong" while hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet. Once I put out the Buyer Beware, he sent a lawyer after us for defamation. Of course, Mr. Moini had already hired someone to defame us instead. 

Therefore, the ethics of Maziar Moini are NOT the kind anyone would want a taste of.